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                                        To follow Roy's live broadcast at 9:00 am, each morning, during July and August click here. 


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                                                                       August 2018

Congratulations to Roy Eaton on receiving the Governor General's Sovereign's Medal for Volunteer. Roy received the award for the countless hours he has given to the Little Current Cruiser's Net, as well as the many other organizations & events he has generously  volunteered.There is no doubt that volunteers are an integral part of great communities and Roy is a true pillar of the community because of his generosity, his dedication and his ability to inspire others.

The 2018 run of Little Current Cruiser’s Net has come to a close, as host Roy Eaton hangs up the microphone to enjoy some well-deserved time off.............continue to read the Manitoulin Expositor article written by Warren Schlote here. 




In his retirement, Roy Eaton has found great meaning in a second career on the radio - VHF, that is. Roy is the voice of the Little Current Cruiser's Net - a daily broadcast he runs every morning through the summer. He shares new, marine weather, and messages for baoters in the North Channel of Georgian Bay. And it's not just a fun hobby - it's a public service. 

If you find yourself anywhere in the North Channel during July and August, turn to Channel 71 on your VHF and wait for that professionally-delivered announcement, "It's 9 a.m. Welcome boaters, to the Little Current Yacht Club's Cruisers' Net."

Roy starts off each broadcast by asking if there are any emergencies. There have been a few and Roy has successfully supplied those in need with the necessary information and support systems. The Thunder Bay Coast Guard and the Trenton Air, Search and Rescue Team have Roy's name on their files in case they need that VHF 71 assistance. After the 20 minute broadcast, Roy invites all the yachters to call in and give their boat's name and current location. It's also a time to get questions answered and inform other boaters of special news and events. This has helped to create a real sense of fellowship as boaters get to know their fellow companions on the North Channel and the names of each other's boats. So much so, that many of these boaters, when docked in Little Current, came to offer their assistance during Roy's broadcast and then stayed to mix and mingle.

Roy can't be present every day and he thanks those volunteers who so kindly replace him during an absence. With everyone pitching in, in thirteen seasons only two days have been missed and both of these days were missed due to technical problems.

To read, in futher detail, the history of the Cruisers' Net click here.

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